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Jason Badura
Jason Badura Humanities Assistant Professor 414.443.8773 | jason.badura@upliftingtrend.com
Jenny Baker
Jenny Baker Schwan Library Director of Library Services 414.443.8864 | jenny.baker@upliftingtrend.com
Robert Balza
Robert Balza Biology Dean, College of Health Sciences 414.443.8908 | rob.balza@upliftingtrend.com
Hannah Bartels
Hannah Bartels Biology
Sport and Exercise Science
Assistant Professor 414.443.8697 | hannah.bartels@upliftingtrend.com
Alan Bitter
Alan Bitter Education Assistant Professor and Director of Licensing 414.443.8565 | alan.bitter@upliftingtrend.com
Jon Boche
Jon Boche Office of Student Life
President's Cabinet
Vice President of Student Life 414.443.8825 | jonathan.boche@upliftingtrend.com
Jeremy Bock
Jeremy Bock Center for Christian Leadership Executive Director 414.443.8935 | jeremy.bock@upliftingtrend.com
Kyle Brandenburg
Kyle Brandenburg Office of Admissions Senior Admissions Counselor 414.443.8793 | kyle.brandenburg@upliftingtrend.com
Jess Brewster
Jess Brewster Computer Science Assistant Professor 414.443.8545 | jess.brewster@upliftingtrend.com
David Brightsman
David Brightsman Education Dean, College of Professional Studies 414.443.8739 | david.brightsman@upliftingtrend.com
Jamie Brock
Jamie Brock Office of Residence Life Assistant Director of Residence Life/Title IX Coordinator 414.443.8762 | jamie.valerio@mail.upliftingtrend.com
Jeffrey Brown
Jeffrey Brown Computer Science Assistant Professor 414.443.8940 | jeffrey.brown@upliftingtrend.com
Tova Brown
Tova Brown Mathematics Assistant Professor 414.443.8941 | tova.brown@upliftingtrend.com
Melanie Buellesbach
Melanie Buellesbach Office of Marketing and Communication Director of Communication 414.443.8795 | melanie.buellesbach@upliftingtrend.com
Paul Burmeister
Paul Burmeister Art Professor, Assistant Dean of Advising 414.443.8621 | paul.burmeister@upliftingtrend.com
Melissa Bush
Melissa Bush Business Office Accounts Payable Specialist 414.443.8844 | melissa.bush@upliftingtrend.com
Angela Clavel
Angela Clavel Office of Financial Aid Financial Aid Specialist 414.443.8861 | angela.clavel@upliftingtrend.com
Wendy Close
Wendy Close Psychology Associate Professor 414.443.8701 | wendy.close@upliftingtrend.com
Joel Davis
Joel Davis Chemistry Associate Professor 414.443.8771 | joel.davis@upliftingtrend.com
Brian Davison
Brian Davison Office of Development Major Gifts Officer 414.443.8546 | brian.davison@upliftingtrend.com
Lisa Derouin
Lisa Derouin Accounting Assistant Professor 414.443.8576 | lisa.derouin@upliftingtrend.com
Peter Eppen
Peter Eppen Business Administration Assistant Professor 414.443.8830 | peter.eppen@upliftingtrend.com
Jarrod Erbe
Jarrod Erbe Biology Dean, College of Arts and Sciences 414.443.8622 | jarrod.erbe@upliftingtrend.com
Ned Farley
Ned Farley Anthropology Associate Professor 414.443.8521 | ned.farley@upliftingtrend.com
Lucas Faust
Lucas Faust Office of Admissions
President's Cabinet
Vice President of Enrollment 414.443.8720 | lucas.faust@upliftingtrend.com
Jon Flanagan
Jon Flanagan Office of Human Resources
President's Cabinet
Vice President of Human Resources 414.443.8826 | jon.flanagan@upliftingtrend.com
James Flegel
James Flegel Office of Student Life Director of Cultural Diversity 414.443.8881 | james.flegel@upliftingtrend.com
Jessica Gehrke
Jessica Gehrke Communication Assistant Professor 414.443.8835 | jessica.gehrke@upliftingtrend.com
Bryan Guhr
Bryan Guhr Office of Student Life Campus Safety and Security Coordinator 414.443.8896 | bryan.guhr@upliftingtrend.com
Rob Hahn
Rob Hahn Office of Institutional Research Director of Research and Planning 414.443.8944 | rob.hahn@upliftingtrend.com
Joe Hennen
Joe Hennen Office of Admissions Admissions Counselor 414.443.8712 | joe.hennen@upliftingtrend.com
Carly Heuer
Carly Heuer Office of Admissions Visit Coordinator 414.443.8810 | carly.heuer@upliftingtrend.com
Jeremiah Hoffmann
Jeremiah Hoffmann Sport and Recreation Management Program Director 414.443.8780 | jeremiah.hoffmann@upliftingtrend.com
Diane Hoehnke
Diane Hoehnke Business Office
President's Cabinet
Vice President of Finance 414.443.8627 | diane.hoehnke@upliftingtrend.com
Lori Jackson
Lori Jackson Office of Adult and Graduate Studies Administrative Assistant 414.443.8681 | loretta.jackson@upliftingtrend.com
Thad Jahns
Thad Jahns Office of Career and Professional Development Director of Career Development 414.443.8949 | thad.jahns@upliftingtrend.com
Becky Jeffers
Becky Jeffers Student Success Center Student Success Counselor 414.443.8814 | becky.jeffers@upliftingtrend.com
Daniel Johnson
Daniel Johnson Office of the President
President's Cabinet
President 414.443.8952 | president@upliftingtrend.com
Wade Johnston
Wade Johnston History
Associate Professor 414.443.8865 | wade.johnston@upliftingtrend.com
Jackie Kacmarynski, LPC
Jackie Kacmarynski, LPC Office of Health Services Director of Health Services 414.443.8549 | jackie.kacmarynski@upliftingtrend.com
Laurie Keophiphath
Laurie Keophiphath Office of Facilities Management Mailroom Manager 414.443.8752 | laurie.keophiphath@upliftingtrend.com
John Kolander
John Kolander Office of the Provost
President's Cabinet
Provost 414.443.8816 | john.kolander@upliftingtrend.com
Madison Krause
Madison Krause Office of Residence Life Resident Counselor 414.773.5401 | madison.wirkes@mail.upliftingtrend.com
Donald Kudek
Donald Kudek Business Administration Associate Professor 414.443.8579 | donald.kudek@upliftingtrend.com
Rachel Kuehl
Rachel Kuehl Sport and Exercise Science Associate Lecturer/Head of Sport & Exercise Science 414.443.8885 | rachel.kuehl@upliftingtrend.com
Amy Kuether
Amy Kuether Office of Marketing and Communication Director of Design and Creative Services 414.443.8790 | amy.kuether@upliftingtrend.com
Aimee Lau
Aimee Lau Communication Associate Professor 414.443.8588 | aimee.lau@upliftingtrend.com
Lisa Leffel
Lisa Leffel Office of Alumni Relations Director of Alumni Relations 414.443.8796 | lisa.leffel@upliftingtrend.com
David Leverence
David Leverence Office of Financial Aid Financial Aid Specialist 414.443.8956 | david.leverence@upliftingtrend.com
Rob Lexow
Rob Lexow Warrior Dining Unit Administrator 414.443.8951 | robert.lexow@upliftingtrend.com
Linda Loeffel
Linda Loeffel Office of Financial Aid Director of Financial Aid 414.443.8842 | linda.loeffel@upliftingtrend.com
Jonathan Lorenzen
Jonathan Lorenzen Office of Development Annual Fund and Development Coordinator 414.443.8925 | jonathan.lorenzen@upliftingtrend.com
Gregory Lyon
Gregory Lyon Office of Campus Ministry Campus Pastor 414.443.8551 | gregory.lyon@upliftingtrend.com
Dee Dee Mackie
Dee Dee Mackie Human Social Services Adjunct Professor 414.443.8954 | deedee.mackie@upliftingtrend.com
Richard Mannisto
Richard Mannisto Office of Development
President's Cabinet
Vice President of Advancement 414.443.8788 | richard.mannisto@upliftingtrend.com
Scott Martens
Scott Martens Sports Management Assistant Lecturer 414.443.8729 | scott.martens@upliftingtrend.com
Barb Mattek
Barb Mattek Office of the President Executive Assistant 414.443.8662 | barbara.mattek@upliftingtrend.com
Lisa Mazurkiewicz
Lisa Mazurkiewicz Business Office Bursar/Accounts Receivable Specialist 414.443.8855 | lisa.mazurkiewicz@upliftingtrend.com
Jaquelin McMullen
Jaquelin McMullen Office of Financial Aid Financial Aid Specialist 414.443.8640 | jaquelin.mcmullen@upliftingtrend.com
Amy Morin
Amy Morin Nursing Program Coordinator 414.443.8728 | amy.morin@upliftingtrend.com
Mark Murphy
Mark Murphy Education Associate Professor and Director of the School of Education 414.443.8570 | mark.murphy@upliftingtrend.com
Katie Neuman
Katie Neuman Office of Development Development Services Coordinator 414.443.8823 | katherine.neuman@upliftingtrend.com
Trish Nitschke
Trish Nitschke Office of Admissions
Sport and Recreation Management
Graduate and Transfer Admissions Counselor 414.443.8782 | trish.nitschke@upliftingtrend.com
Rachelle Nolte
Rachelle Nolte Office of Human Resources Human Resources Coordinator/Payroll 414.443.8601 | rachelle.nolte@upliftingtrend.com
Ryan Nord
Ryan Nord Office of Institutional Research Research Analyst 414.443.8867 | ryan.nord@upliftingtrend.com
Ryan Oertel
Ryan Oertel Operations Office
President's Cabinet
Vice President of Operations 414.443.8590 | ryan.oertel@upliftingtrend.com
Melanie Orlando
Melanie Orlando Office of Health Services Registered Nurse 414.443.8947 | melanie.orlando@upliftingtrend.com
Suzanne Otto
Suzanne Otto Student Success Center Student Success Counselor 414.443.8812 | suzanne.otto@upliftingtrend.com
Joni Panitzke
Joni Panitzke Office of the Provost Executive Assistant 414.443.8614 | joni.panitzke@upliftingtrend.com
Gregg Pfarr
Gregg Pfarr Business Administration Assistant Professor 414.443.8928 | gregg.pfarr@upliftingtrend.com
Allison Phillips
Allison Phillips Student Success Center
Dean of Student Success/Professor of Biology 414.443.8517 | allison.phillips@upliftingtrend.com
Karen Plamann
Karen Plamann Office of Events and Conferences Director of Events and Conferences 414.443.8870 | karen.plamann@upliftingtrend.com
Simon Provan
Simon Provan Theatre Associate Professor and Director of Theatre 414.443.8895 | simon.provan@upliftingtrend.com
Laura Reinke
Laura Reinke Human Social Services Assistant Lecturer 414.443.8954 | laura.reinke@upliftingtrend.com
Melanie Rock
Melanie Rock Office of Admissions Admissions Counselor 414.443.8718 | melanie.rock@upliftingtrend.com
Lukas Ryan
Lukas Ryan Sport and Exercise Science Assistant Professor 414.443.8677 | lukas.ryan@upliftingtrend.com
Kathryn Schmutzer
Kathryn Schmutzer Office of the Registrar Assistant Registrar 414.443.8817 | kathryn.schmutzer@upliftingtrend.com
Kate Schoen
Kate Schoen Sport and Exercise Science Assistant Lecturer 414.443.8874 | katelynn.schoen@upliftingtrend.com
Sara Schreiber
Sara Schreiber Criminal Justice Assistant Professor 414.443.8574 | sara.schreiber@upliftingtrend.com
Aaron Sebald
Aaron Sebald Office of Development Director of Corporate Partnerships 414.443.8532 | aaron.sebald@upliftingtrend.com
Ryan Sexton
Ryan Sexton Warrior Dining General Manager 414.443.8827 | ryan.sexton@upliftingtrend.com
Wayne Shevey
Wayne Shevey Office of Admissions Pastoral Outreach Coordinator 414.443.8723 | wayne.shevey@upliftingtrend.com
Ben Siemers
Ben Siemers Office of Events and Conferences Assistant Director of Events and Conferences 414.443.8877 | benjamin.siemers@upliftingtrend.com
Angela Sievert
Angela Sievert Center for Christian Leadership Support Specialist 414.443.8968 | angela.sievert@upliftingtrend.com
Karen Sitz
Karen Sitz Office of Student Life Director of Student Support and Disability Services 414.443.8797 | karen.sitz@upliftingtrend.com
Megan Slaker
Megan Slaker Neuroscience Assistant Professor 414.443.8593 | megan.slaker@upliftingtrend.com
Brook Smith
Brook Smith Office of Adult and Graduate Studies Graduate Studies Academic Advisor 414.443.8571 | brook.smith@upliftingtrend.com
Dan Smith
Dan Smith Office of Facilities Management Facilities 414.443.8879 | dan.smith@upliftingtrend.com
Tim Snyder
Tim Snyder Office of Information Technology Media Services Coordinator 414.443.8798 | tim.snyder@upliftingtrend.com
Lori Stankiewicz
Lori Stankiewicz Student Success Center Hope Scholar Mentor 414.443.8822 | lori.stankiewicz@upliftingtrend.com
Craig Swiontek
Craig Swiontek Office of Admissions Director of Graduate and Transfer Admissions 414.443.8713 | craig.swiontek@upliftingtrend.com
Jordania Treminio
Jordania Treminio Office of Facilities Management Administrative Assistant 414.443.8882 | jordania.treminio@upliftingtrend.com
Brett Valerio
Brett Valerio Office of the Registrar Registrar 414.443.8785 | brett.valerio@upliftingtrend.com
Jason Van Acker
Jason Van Acker Business Administration Assistant Lecturer 414.443.8763 | jason.vanacker@upliftingtrend.com
Jeremy Vanderhyde
Jeremy Vanderhyde Generac Hall Science Laboratory Services and Building Manager 414.443.8766 | jeremy.vanderhyde@upliftingtrend.com
Adam Volbrecht
Adam Volbrecht Office of Residence Life Director of Residence Life 414.443.8689 | adam.volbrecht@upliftingtrend.com
Greta Wagner
Greta Wagner Business Administration Adjunct Professor | greta.wagner@upliftingtrend.com
Victoria Walther
Victoria Walther Office of Development Director of Development Services 414.443.8962 | victoria.walther@upliftingtrend.com
Jeff Weber
Jeff Weber Office of Development Development 414.443.8819 | jeff.weber@upliftingtrend.com
Curtis Wech
Curtis Wech Office of Marketing and Communication Director of Marketing 414.443.8858 | curtis.wech@upliftingtrend.com
Holly Wempner
Holly Wempner Education Administrative Assistant 414.443.8818 | holly.wempner@upliftingtrend.com
Barbara Westness
Barbara Westness Office of Student Life Director of Student Programming and Orientation 414.443.8813 | barbara.westness@upliftingtrend.com
Katelyn Wick
Katelyn Wick Office of Career and Professional Development Coordinator of Employer Relations and Internships 414.443.8760 | katelyn.wick@upliftingtrend.com
Evan Witz
Evan Witz Mathematics Assistant Professor 414.443.8836 | evan.witz@upliftingtrend.com
Amanda Wojciechowski
Amanda Wojciechowski Office of Residence Life Resident Counselor | amanda.pautz@mail.upliftingtrend.com
Marty Wolf
Marty Wolf Business Administration Visiting Professor 414.443.8731 | martin.wolf@upliftingtrend.com
Nathan Wordell
Nathan Wordell Office of Campus Ministry Campus Pastor 414.443.8556 | nathan.wordell@upliftingtrend.com
Rachel Wordell
Rachel Wordell Office of Residence Life Resident Counselor | rachel.wordell@upliftingtrend.com
Bruce Zalud
Bruce Zalud Office of Facilities Management Facilities Site Manager 414.443.8512 | bruce.zalud@upliftingtrend.com
Jon Ziesemer
Jon Ziesemer Education Coordinator of Clinical Experiences 414.443.8854 | jon.ziesemer@upliftingtrend.com